Letters to Holly

Thursday, February 19


One reason I attacked my comic so intensively early on was so I could have plenty of time to fix it before my deadline. The inking was done this past weekend, and now I have the time to let the comic marinade. I can dissect it and see what horrors catch my eye.,

For instance, the most worrisome panel of the comic stemmed from an image I envisioned very early on: a mass of population taking to the skies. This is my money shot. I worked on this panel in increments between other panels in the comic. If I tackled it all at one time, I would have deflated. This way seemed to work OK. And I was happy with the results.

Three days later I took another look at it, and what seemed sufficiently big in scope seemed paltry. There just wasn't enough people. When I got home yesterday, I went back to the workshop and filled in the background. Now I'm happy with it. I'm glad I went back too. See the largest guy at the top? There's a circular outline on his left shoulder with an X in it. The X is an art shorthand for filling in an area with black. Pencilers do it when they hand a page to an inker. I add them when I plan to add blacks later. I clearly missed it when I originally inked the page. That's not something you want going to a printer. On the right image, you'll see that I filled it in.

I also decided to rewrite the dialogue for the scene that makes the story happen, and I redrew some body parts in various panels. I don't have to redraw the entire panel; I can trace the outlines on another sheet, draw the new part over it, scan that part, and place it digitally on the panel in my computer. Again, I have a week left before I turn this in. And this relaxed window of retooling is exactly what I need.

Last night's Lost offers us a chance to return to the classic Lost formula of flashbacks to reveal character motivations, and I'm surprisingly excited by this return to format.

Your Sister is making contingency plans in case she can't go to this weekend's wrestling show in Asheville. It would be more fun for her to go, but I've recently renewed my intimate understanding of deadlines. I'm going, no matter what.


Anonymous said...

your wife gave a donation to an organization, and they have emailed me for her email address so that they might thank her for her donation and tell her how it will be used, as well as send her the yearly update.

which email address should i supply?

Gregory said...

I'll ask. She only reads her work email.