Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 12

New Work

The new one-page is now officially thumbnailed. I typed out my script at work with simple panel suggestions and then quickly sketched those at work. I measured out a miniature page layout at home played with panel details before going to bed. I woke up this morning, streamlined the designs, and drew the thumbnails on the miniature page layout. I can move to the full-page art today by drawing the panel grid. I'm already compiling my noir reference comics, including Sin City.

Your Sis was crashing hard last night, and the least little stimulus had her barking with cranky sleepiness. I think I might run tonight unless it gets really, really cold. Which it might.

We're sending spooky mind energy to you for the exams.

Oh, yeah. I somehow managed to pop my thumb out again and had to do the double-joint fix as I lay in bed. I worry that I now have a gimpy thumb. I don't know how it happened this time either. I'm not hanging off cliffs or thumb wrestling bears.

Picture of the Day
The inevitable sequel. I loved watching Welcome Back, Kotter on WGN, but it was always pre-empted by baseball.

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