Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 12

Africa, the Sequel.

Will you be able to read the blog while you're in Africa? I assumed you'd be staying with the same family, but Your Sister says this isn't the case. She also says you'll be gone about six weeks. I had no idea. If we wanted to send something to you, what address should we use? Do you have requests for shipments?

I bought a packet of corn seed during the lunch break, and I hope to plant them and some potatoes this weekend as well.

A friend of ours called me up to help her on a book project. Her girlfriend's mom has written a kid's book and wants an artist. She thinks this friend can draw. The friend is now locked into helping, and she wants to know if I can help her. I gave a provisional yes for now, but I warned a busy summer could knock me out of it. It would be of tremendous help if we knew what kind of art she had in mind. Does she have a particular kid's book in mind for us to use as a template?

I'm not enthused about the play rehearsal tonight. It feels like a chore. But we'll have about half our props to use tonight. I went to the bakery section of the local Ingles on Sunday and asked for a cake box. The associate behind the counter -- a counter piled with cakes in transparent plastic shells -- asked "what's a cake box?" and I gave up on that conversation. I'll try a local bakery business instead.

Picture of the Day
I hope Tamiflu doesn't have a short shelf life.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gregory!
I'm actually planning to be gone 9 weeks; 4 weeks in the capital working at a pediatric AIDS clinic, and then 5 weeks doing research back in the community where I was previously. I appreciate the thought of a package, but I'll be able to come and go as I need to town and such for supplies.
But, you guys will be getting a steady stream of postcards. yay for swazi stamps!

Gregory said...

The whole continent rejoices as you once again transform that country into SNAZZYLAND.