Letters to Holly

Tuesday, June 23

Speedy Delivery

We have the quick net now. Your Sister carried her school laptop about the house to check signal strength. She was so hypnotized by the quick, rapid speed of it all that she made a Facebook account. This shocks me more than the motorcycle.

I didn't get much chance to play with the new router before we left for a dinner at a teacher house. Ping-pong and discussions of Harry Potter ensued. A great grilled meal was followed by a board game called Sequence, which combines bingo and poker. They want to see Shakespeare in the Park on Wednesday, and I'll be in rehearsal. That starts tonight, and my new silly hope is that my cast is so strong that we don't have to rehearse every weeknight.

I did not run this morning. I instead sprayed pesticide on the garden. It's called Liquid Seven, and the directions/warnings make it sound like Supernova Lava Acid. Long sleeves, eye protection, latex gloves -- the bottle demands I wear this stuff. Our cucumber leaves are feeding various bugs, and I want to deflect the caterpillars that ate my tomatoes last year. I think I'll get a hazmat suit for the next spraying.

We magically sprouted tomato berries since Sunday. On the stalks, I mean. All this rain has ensorcelled the garden, and I wish I had planted much more now. There may still be time. I do want to try more corn this weekend, and perhaps we can do underground foods like carrots. Maybe the wireless signal is mutating my crops.

Yous Sister is feeling yesterday's run, and I warned her I would skip running today so I could spew death juice on the garden. She decided to tackle the front-yard beds as I drove to work.

I'm still a little paranoid about my exposure to the pesticide. Every little itch strikes a dramatic musical sting in my head. (Hey, my head itches. Dundun-DUN! My arm is kinda tingly. Dundun-DUN!)

Picture of the Day
The grocery store is carrying much more exotic produce these days.

Maybe the store has been invaded by alien pod monsters. Dundun-DUN!

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