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Tuesday, July 28

New Toy

I mentioned yesterday that I got a new digital camera. It's another Sony, the same brand that Your Sister bought me more than five years back. I knew that I'd need another one before this convention, and I planned for one since last year. I did the homework. I had no luck getting the office to spring for one. I decided to buy it myself and own it outright. The advances in miniaturization are shocking. A 16 G memory stick is half the length of my thumb and as thin as a credit card. My previous camera's memory stick is 126 MB. The new camera is 10 megapixel, twice that of the other camera. This card will hold more than 3,800 photos at the maximum resolution. Madness.

I had no brains when I opened the camera and didn't see the AC adapter. I thought I had been hornswoggled by the salesperson. Your Sister figured out how it worked within the hour. I now can fit the charger, a backup batter, a back-up memory stick, the camera, and a USB cord inside one small belt pack. MADNESS. My old camera is a brick in comparison. I adore it. It's been a boon for comic reference pictures and vacations. But this new camera will be the new favorite, and we'll keep Old Reliable on the bench until it's needed.

The only downside to the new camera is it requires lithium-ion batteries and will not accept any alkaline. I can't power it with batteries from a grocery store. But those batteries can be recharged quickly with a wall outlet, and two batteries can power through about 5oo photos. There's no way I can go through both batteries in one day. Not even at a museum.

I'm in such a lockdown mental mode to prepare for the trip that I can't get thrilled by this brilliant new toy. I plan to download photo copies to the work PCs at convention each night just to be safe.

In Maine, Your Sister visited a comic store and bought me three original Star Wars figures. All evil. A Death Star gunner, an Imperial commander, and a Darth Vader. A real, old Vader with a plastic cape. He's going with me to convention as a good-luck totem.

I've spent an obscene amount of money for this work convention, and I wonder how much I can write off on taxes. The camera and the suit were things I needed, but both expenses within a month is a serious budgetary bump.

I won't be able to post anything for the blog until next week. The only PC access I'll have is to upload photos copies.

You and Your Sis are gonna surf. Have fun.

Picture of the Day
The newsgirl for the science-fair-esque display I made for the convention. The title is "Read All About It" and markets the company publications.

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