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Monday, November 2

Run and Play

I posted my race log on the Book of Face. The costume went over well and caused no race problems. The gloves no hang in my workshop near the lucha masks. After the race, we watched The Shining, the first movie we saw together, back when I was spoken for by someone else. The new DVD player and TV made it a whole new movie experience. We had two clusters of kids seeking candy, and we have lots of candy leftovers. Not that I'm complaining.

I went to the last day of the current play on Sunday. This was a show my liaison was keen on directed for years and had performed a few times in Florida. it was a late entry, I think, in the script consideration, and I was worried about it based on the theatre cliches: it's one set, set in the '50s, and features lots of drinking and "darling" dialogue. There needs to be a name for this kind of theatre. Parlor drama, maybe.

I've complained so much about the company that I want to take the opportunity to praise what they did right. Firs of all, they opened up the stage by eliminating the wing pieces. That adds eight feet of total space, and the stage is in widescreen now. The lighting gave it a warm tone, and the set included roof timbers, making the ceiling look huge. That stage has never looked better. The cast was good. Charming, especially the leads. This is the standard the other shows should aspire to. A good audience too. The theatre installed acoustic curtains in the back, and they work like gangbusters. I admit I felt those twinges of theatre competition. I shooed them away so I could watch these folks do their stuff. I made sure to congratulate the folks I knew after the show. I was asked to direct the summer mystery play, and I played coy.

Before the play, we composted the jack 0'lanterns. It was appropriately ghoulish to check these faces into the bin and stab them with a shovel repeatedly. The clock change helped me get up really early this morning, a habit I hope to keep until the clocks go forward again. I'm almost done with my first round of library sign sketches.

The senior was working a charity booth during the town festival, and I told him we'd meet next weekend. I heard Thanksgiving will be held at Your Parents' house this year, and you're welcome to stay with us while you're in town.

Picture of the Day
A Russian Soyuz capsule approaches the space station.

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