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Tuesday, May 11

Does Whatever An Iron Can

We both arrived home at the same time -- me from work, her from a meeting at the college -- and piled into her truck of a car and zoomed to the theatre. We caught Iron Man 2, making this film the second we've seen in a theatre this year, and they both star Downey. That's not by design. We discovered that cinemas now offer blue trays to carry all your food items to the seats. It make sense for larger families, but for us it felt like a trough of gorging.

We saw the film, and dissected it as always over hot and fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts. It's much like the first film intone, and you can tell it's made my virtually the same people. It's a little thicker, but consistent with the first film's attitude and style. If anything handicaps it, it's that the first film had surprise on its side. The cast is strong, and there is a post-credits tidbit to tease the next Marvel film. I properly geeked out.

Your Sis thinks she could catch the Robin Hood movie coming out this week in theatres, but she was not comfortable during the movie last night. She was distracted by Roo and claimed she could feel something triangular moving around. She assumes it was a foot. I don't think I can drive her to the next county, sit her in a theatre chair for two hours, and drive her back home with a clear conscience (What if she drives? Work with me here.). We have plenty of DVDs, a TiFaux, and NetFlix. The last NetFlix film we watched was Wall-E, and we gave up after 45 minutes. We were bored. We have no heart.

She moved all the diapers to the storage room bookshelves. It's now an armory for the butt. An ass-ory? An arse-enal?

Picture of the Day
I was never sure if that was all her hair. I assume not. It has to take years to grow that long.

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Anonymous said...

in blog withdrawal. you've become my favorite study break in this ramp up to my step 1 exam. taking a vacation from FB, so its you, NYTimes, and twitter to populate my study breaks.

not that this is to pressure you to entertain me, or anything of that sort. this is more a vote of confidence; i like what you do!