Letters to Holly

Thursday, August 12

The Stump, She Is Gone

The stump finally fell off. He's wireless.

We had Kathy and Travis over for dessert Tuesday night. They are living in a hotel while their kitchen is being suddenly remodeled. They discovered a pipe that had never been capped inside their walls, and it leaked for what I assume is a year. The kitchen is a ruin. I made blueberry cobbler from a mix given by a coworker a few weeks back. They cooed over the baby, and he ate up the attention. He's also eating much more milk now. His scheduled growth spurt is right on time. He's only going to get heavier, and I really want to start a running regimen again to get in shape.

Still waiting for hear about the derby logo.

We started a service contract with a local air conditioner service, and the first inspection went great. That's pretty impressive for a machine that's run almost every day without any maintenance for five years. My notion for starting this contract is an extension of the nesting instinct, I'm sure. I made a to-do list of things to minimize sudden replacements like the clothes dryer last month.

I was contacted by the theatre again about auditioning for the latest show. Actually, I was told there was a part right up my alley, suggesting I wouldn't need to audition. I could show up, commit to the show, and get cracking. I passed. Twice within an hour. I was left a voicemail, and I declined over their voicemail. I was called back and given the live sales pitch, and I said I'm holed up with the youngin. But break a leg and have fun without me. See you when I see you. Also, in a shock to no one, this show replaces the originally advertised production.

Picture of the Day
We may have found a sidecar for the baby.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the lost epilogue video.
i endorse your return to running. that sounds like such a good idea that I might do the same on this end of the state.

Gregory said...

If we run north and I run south at the same time, we can make the state revolve.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a pickup truck advertising a company "Bob's Stump Grinders." I had to ask someone what the hell does a stumpgrinder do? i didn't realize that homeowners don't leave the stumps of cut-down trees in their yards, that they pay Bob or another business to bring a machine to grind a stump. I'm glad that you and the missus did not call Bob re: your son's predicament.

Gregory said...

Some folks use stumps as platforms for potted plants or those horrible garden mirror balls. I don't like that. I prefer to take an ax and chop the stump into pieces. Also, people used to chain stumps to their truck bumpers and rip them out of the ground.