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Friday, August 27

Two Months Now

The deputy had his second-month check-up yesterday. He's now completely average in height and weight, but that right eye worries the doctor. Combined with the snoring (which surprised him even more once he heard the video on my camera of the boy sleeping), he thinks the eye goop could be a sign of sinus problems. He doesn't see any septum issues, but he did note "small nostrils." He's setting up an appointment with a ear-nose-and-throat specialist to see if anything is up.

The visit ended with three vaccination doses: one oral and two needles, and he didn't like those at all. He was doped to the gills for the remainder of the day and slept for seven hours. We woke him to check the diaper and feed him. His long nap gave us some rare downtime, and of course we spent most of it doing laundry. I played video games after folding basketfulls. Your Literate Sister read maritime fiction as she is wont to do.

The doc said new studies behoove us to abstain from giving him anything for a fever if the live-virus vaccinations make him ill. A fever suppressant like Children's Tylenol can hamper the immune system's development. We're fine with that. We'll feed the mancub some Slurpees. There's a teacher party this weekend, and I worry that he might make some kids sick if those viruses are still active.

Your Energized Sister worries that her caffeine intake is affecting the baby, but the doctor said she would have to throw back a lot of coffee to really bother the boy. But after four hours, anything she drinks should be processed through her system enough to leave her milk safe.

I noticed the he's smitten with Your Adoring Sister and lights up when he sees her. I have earned no such reaction.

Toyota announced a recall on 2006-2008 Matrixes, but the specific engine model will determine if we're affected. We await notification.

Picture of the Day
There's hope for us all.

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