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Wednesday, October 20

Making Calls

As we near the date for the annual pumpkin party, two concerns may throw in wrenches: the constant rumblings of moving trick-or-treating to our party night (avoiding Sunday because God hates free candy), and the incomplete decking.

We were told way back in early September -- wait, was it late August? -- that the school carpentry students could do this and do it quick and do it well. Your Sister had passed along to me a deadline of two weeks for construction from the class teacher. That span passed long ago, and I suspect the teacher is dragging this out to fill the whole semester. This normally wouldn't be a problem. It's cold and rainy, and we rarely use the deck in the cold rain. But we're hoping to have a deck party on the 30th, and we still don't have the ironwork installed. That makes it dangerous for the kids we hope to host. And probably the random tipsy adult.

I called the police department asking which night they will be dispatched. I'm waiting to hear back. I also called the newspaper and heard nothing back. Maybe the grapevine was off the mark entirely. We announced our party date to match that of the annual town festival and race. But that was before the rumors of moving candy-begging one day earlier. The race organizers don't seem to realize that the police probably can't block the race route and the more popular trick-or-treating zones at the same time. I hope that provides the police an alibi to keep the kids home Saturday night and keep the costumed soliciting on the 31st, where it belongs.

If there is trick-or-treating on the 30th, we'll lose half our potential guests and would be for moving the party to an earlier date. But we need to know what the deal is. The worst-case scenario is two nights of it. Expanding Halloween as a mood is fine, but stretching the food distribution beyond one night will dilute the fun for adults, and there's too much danger of double-dipping. I don't approve of giving the same kids in the same costumes another handful of candy one night later. We're generous candy givers, but we have our limit.

As we watch Jeopardy! we note the careers of the contestants and judge them. A recent contestant was announced as a "stay-at-home mom," and I began to instinctively mock her before I remembered who was sitting next to me on the couch. Your Sister says she doesn't consider herself that; she's a teacher on a leave of absence. I agree.

She dropped off a gift certificate to a coffee store for the service lady ho told me how to rewire the internet connection. She called me back to thank me, and I think she got choked up.

EDIT: The newspaper called me back, and the news editor told me the county council announced trick-or-treating would take place on Sunday, the 31st. There's my answer. Thank you, old-school media.

Picture of the Day
This new sign from a Barnes & Noble is making the rounds online. The store closest to my office is packed with the genre.

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