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Wednesday, November 24

Gap Part Two

I went back to the mall with a new Dr. Oid app called ShopSavvy. It's a barcode scanner that uses your camera to read codes and find nearby prices on the same item at similar store. The Superman shirt didn't show up, and I expected that for an item so exclusive that it's only sold in brick-and-mortar Gap stores.

I called the Gap customer service line again and asked them if they could find the item via the item number. The operator did so but confirmed that the smallest size (6 months) is sold out nationwide. They have no sizes smaller than one year. She asked if I wanted to check back later to see if they might re-order that size. I asked if there were some other means I could track the item availability myself. Like, maybe, a website of some sort, a website that might -- indulge me, operator -- take my order online and send the item to me. Nope, I was told. I can either call that number gain or go back to the store randomly to see if they have it.

I remain surprised. I'm so used to shopping in the 21st century that I'm baffled by a major outlet chain's inability or lack of desire to make shopping convenient. I can only defend them if I assume they had no idea this item would be popular. If that's the case, they'll probably over-order the next time, and I'll get it on sale within a few months. There's always eBay too.

A new comic is up. You might see ads on the blog now. I'm testing the Google Ad program with the new-found global demand for Doom recipes. The ads, so far, are unobtrusive. If that changes, I'll end the ad experiment.

Picture of the Day
The new theory on T.Rex is that it was covered in feathers. Blasphemy.

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