Letters to Holly

Thursday, December 9

Going Ahead With Things

Achievement unlocked.

I feel like James Bond. I didn't even know about the cards until I saw yours.

The insulated curtains are up in the nursery, and the room feels much better.

As it stands now, My Mom will come up for a holiday dinner, and Your Parents won't. When Your Sister suggested it to them, Your Mom told her to not plan anything and let things just happen. She said she would give me their Christmas presents to us tomorrow when I drop off the deputy. That sounds like they are avoiding any family get-together in the wake of the July 4, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving assemblies. Can't say I blame them. OK, I could blame them to some degree, but, really, why? They only hurt themselves by boycotting or grumbling through such events. When I talked to My Mom last night, she asked specifically what was going on with Your Parents in Alabama. I suspect they will, in fact, come by when they remember the deputy will be a quarter of the way further into his first year.

We're thinking of getting a new stereo system to replace the fratboy boom system I hastily bought after my separation. Actually, I now remember I got that for Christmas from my parents as the separation began. They were inclined to replace everything taken by the missus to both comfort me and spite her. Either way, the current system requires its own stand. I'd like to get rid of that and get a smaller system to fit in the bookshelves. We'd then burn all the CDs to our laptops and move them to a docked iPod. I'd also like to get a second drawing table so I can work on the next comics in the house proper.

I'm drawing comic Christmas cards for some online friends. I also contacted the convention folks to remind them they once asked if I'd make a collector card to promote next year's show. The card is made, and I'd like to get that piece out in public view.

The deputy has learned how to blow raspberries. Now he can make that noise from both ends.

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