Letters to Holly

Friday, January 21


You may have noticed a new text block on the right. I noticed in my Goggle stats that I was getting traffic from that site, and I figured it was the usual phishing link scam. But this site actually posts my blog link on their page among others it claims contribute to its gallery of reviews. I do not. The site offers nothing in the way of contact links, leaving me no way to tell them to go eat a bug. Petitioning blogspot's legal department requires me to scan and upload my driver's license for legal verification, but I don't want that online, even squirreled away in Google's virtual subbasements.

We hooked up our dish receiver box to our internet to play with On Demand video. DirecTV offers a legion of free films and shows organized by channel. You scan through and find the show you want, and it downloads to our recorder. It's like Hulu, right down to the cost: free. And that's confusing. I can watch a HBO series, for instance, whenever I want without paying for the HBO channel. If I pay for HBO, I'd have to wait for shows to air in HBO's schedule to watch them. Seems like HBO would charge for any-time access to their programs. DirecTV offers free access to programming from channels we don't pay for, and now I can't see why we would ever pay for those channels.

The sidekick is inching closer to crawling. He can get his knees underneath him and push with his toes. He's making the transition from swimming. But he'll need to build up his neck muscles to carry that gigantic noggin around.

The comic work continues apace as the sketchy thumbnails become tighter and I move my imaginary camera around the action. I'll post progress work later.

Picture of the Day
I didn't know they closed-captioned R2. Was there a committee to organize noises into appropriate emotional categories? How do you get that job?


Anonymous said...

speaking of jobs...
i know that you're a busy sketching and child rearing, but there might be in the coming months a t-shirt design gig for your alma mater (and my med school). people liked your beer wench that we used for COHI and last spring's brewery tour logo. our class is hosting a (gulp) golf tournament raising money for the American Cancer Society in late April, and may ask for your help in exchange for free advertising of your websites on T-shirts, flyers, event website. and a snazzy T-shirt with your own design.
not sure what they are looking for at this time, but i imagine a golfing pirate or something of the like. or they might go for something medical, like some of your House photoshopping stuff.
feel free to say no. might you consider such a thing?

Gregory said...

Consider it considered. I'd be glad to tackle it.

Anonymous said...

you are the best. i will let you know of an idea to explore once i her something. don't waste any time on this until then. good luck with the comics!