Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 17

Cold Busted

All three non-furry members of Chez Debacle have colds, making us a clanging household of head-gunk noise. How welcoming we can be to three people over the weekend remains to be seen. I am downing orange juice and various cold medicine, including Cepacol lozenges that should be labeled as Pickled Anesthesia.

I lettered five pages of the comic now and hope to have another five finished before the guests arrive. I assume I will get no comic work done while we host them. That's not so bad. I could use a break, and I'm in a good spot to halt; I have mostly fight scenes ahead of me. Those are easier to work than panels with lots of talking heads and backgrounds.

Picture of the Day
Ring up my sick candy, good sir. And hand me a pack of your finest medicinal tobacco.

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