Letters to Holly

Thursday, March 10

Progressing in a Progressive Manner

The deputy is now able to sign "milk" with one hand. It's simple for us: You curl your fingers like you're milking a cow. But he's only recently built up the dexterity to do this with one hand. Before, he was bending his fingers with the other hand. Now, he stretches out his arm and signs away when he's hungry. He still has to master the appropriate audience for this, however. Last night, he was asking Conan O'Brien. I suppose he was confused by the beard.

He seems to be past the worst of the new teething. Neither of us had to give him Orajel yesterday.

We may have found our daycare center. There's one near the Asheville Sam's Club, meaning I can take him there and pick him up during my commute. Depending on the weather tomorrow, Your Sister will take My Mom there during their weekly visit.

+  +  +

I started sketching the golf logo, and I'll have at least two versions of the requested image. I'll see if I can break off some other designs for variety's sake. Hey, does this event have a name? I can maybe make a banner with the name in the logo design.

Picture of the Day
From Bad Astronomy comes this picture of sunspots. It's the beans.

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Anonymous said...

Brody School of Medicine Class of 2012 Golf Tournament Fundraiser Event.
I'm sending the flyer to your email.
Thanks a ton!