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Tuesday, July 12

This Post Ends With a Picture of a Fake Horse

Thanks to Groupon, I have a fat bargain for an Asheville t-shirt shop. This shop has a good variety of graphics and shirt styles but -- but -- they have a strong deal for custom jobs. I can give them a graphic I made and get it professionally screened for a good price after the coupon is applied. I'm thinking of making a SCRAP League shirt.

I dropped off the boy at daycare, and he didn't seem at all rattled until I started to leave. I tried the toy-distraction trick and almost made it out of the room, but he spied me and fell apart. I had to take my leave as he was scooped up by an attendant and comforted. I was assured he'd be fine before I got back to the car. Still. It will be a relief when he gets past this.

The reporter contacted me to send him graphics for the article, and I now wonder how big this "sidebar" is gonna be. This might be a below-the-fold article on the front of the second section.

Your Sister and I watched an episode of the old Batman TV show which for many legal stupidities may never get on DVD. It was a Newmar Catwoman episode, and it was awfully awful. The best joke fell as Batman and Robin were tied to giant outdoor grills and smothered in oil

Robin: Holy oleo!
Catwoman: I didn't know you could yodel.

We probably won't watch the second show we recorded.

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they draped a fluoroscope!