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Monday, September 12

Nip It In the Bud

The sidekick's constant running nose sprints along, and we noticed that he was again stumbling and cranky. Much more moody than we're used to. We remembered that this is how his ear infection started, and we visited the same far-off doctor's office Sunday. Confirmation ensued. The doc said his left ear shows retraction, apparently evidence of an ear infection. We caught it early though, and he escaped the office without a shot and armed with a prescription. We're giving him more ear drops as a precaution. He's again waking up in the middle of the night, and we placate and coo and caffeinate as the sun rises.

A combination of allergies, convention crud, and whatever was blown our way by last week's tropical depression has waylay-ed Chez Debacle. I have avoided a full whammy, but Your Sis is staying home today. The doctor said the sidekick exhibits only the normal daycare exposure to dozens of viruses. Nothing we can do, she said. Wipe his nose and hope he isn't flattened by anything bad. Your Brother is paranoid that all daycare kids require ear tubes, and the doctor poo-pooed that. I was a daycare kid from eight months on, and I had no tubes. A ton of allergies, yes.

We biked Saturday, an excursion delayed for months by the boy's ailments. He seemed OK with it. I had just finished mowing the yard jungle. We usually bike later in the day, and I expected a longer recovery time. Nope, Your Sis was in a high gear, and off we went, and many sufferings did I endure. But I'm glad we did it and wished we went every weekend.

Because of a great early-bird price, we bought our memberships to next year's convention. Combined with our relocation rate and confirmation for the hotel, we're all set. We're going. I'm currently thinking of going as Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon.

Picture of the Day
Apparently the deleted scenes on the Star Wars blu-rays include scenes like this:

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