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Wednesday, October 19

In the Interim

And we're back.

All is well, nothing is amiss. Your Sister is in the sick bed lately, but she's still going to work. The sidekick continues to sleep through the night, exhausted mentally as much as physically; he's trying his damnedest to talk, but it comes out as jabberwocky. We don't have to wind him down anymore. By the time he gets out of the bath and eating a light banana mush, he's yawning. Your Sister puts him down much quicker than before while I do dishes or shove dinner into the oven.

One such dinner was the usual Monday night wangs, but this batch of birds came from a local farm. We got them at the tailgate market on Saturday. We normally could buy local meats from the gourmet grocery store, but the bankruptcy of their landlord dislodged them, and they continue to look for local space. We miss that place. But a number f their suppliers took to the tailgate market, and we can buy more cheaper without the middleman. We bought three packets of wings, but I learned only after opening two of them, that they were vacuum-packed. We had much, much more than we expected and normally ate. But ate I did and slept like the dead afterward.

That evening, Your Sis took the deputy to the new local Halloween fair. It's a massive thing, with bands and pumpkin patches and mazes. I wonder how this might affect our town's annual Halloween street party. I've written off running in this year's costume 5k; I don't have the lungs after months of indoor patenting. I ran Saturday, and the conditions were exactly the same as last year's race, and like that evening, I couldn't finish the 5k route. The dry air wilted me.

Your Sister's stubborn sense of professionalism has finally stepped back as she has hit her threshold of care about this semester's workload. No longer is she locked into doting all the i's. Now things will get done when they get done. I don't blame her. She has some leeway as a returning new mom; she doesn't have to ramp up back into her previous fifth gear. She always gives kids a chance at the semester's end to salvage teir GPA. They won't suffer.

I have a few more monsters to draw for the October theme at heygregory.com, and then I'll bear down on next year's comic. 

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