Letters to Holly

Tuesday, November 29

Yes, Again.

Can you guess where we were Monday morning? Does the pattern hold true?

Yes, we were back to the doctor. His fever spiked Sunday, and his rash was back. I got him the earliest appointment we could for Monday, but his rash and fever had subsided. Just like taking the car to the mechanic. The doctor said his ear was infected again, and she noted with some alarm his recent medical history. He's been on three antibiotics since September. She suggested Rocephin as a last measure before we see an ENT. He'll get three shots this week, including his first dose on Monday. The doctor advised that we might see a behavioral shift, and by cracky, we have. He's pinballing off the walls. He's beyond "perky," as she warned. He's almost manic.

She suggested the shots and possible ENT with trepidation, and I told her we'd do what's necessary. We want him better. Ear tubes, from all anecdotal evidence, is no big deal these days. They go in easy. They come out easy. And if they keep him from getting dizzy and cranky and potentially deaf, then let's get those if need be. But until we make that appointment, let's see if the new stuff works. He's gotten it once before. His first infection was treated with one shot of Rocephin to boost the prescription of Amoxicillin. This time he's getting the three shots alone. 

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