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Tuesday, January 10

Follow-Up Call

We hoped to hang out with other parents this weekend and hired a babysitter for the deputy. They called Saturday morning to cancel due to sickness, and we decided to keep the sitter and see a movie. We picked Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. My guys reviewed it yesterday.

We were all sacked by allergies with this weekend's break of warm weather. We hope that the deputy's sniffles and coughs don't postpone again his tube surgery. Your Sister was driven to naps (reluctantly, of course. Of course.) while I drew and drew.

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I got a call Sunday from the folks who organized the volksmarch a few weekends back. They tracked my number down from my name on the registration form. The representative asked me what my concern was, and I noted that not only did the Bi-Lo folks not have any idea habout the walk particulars, but I was handed an office folder bucket and told to noodle it out myself. That, I noted, wasn't a great introduction to the event.

I was told, frankly, that this is how all domestic volksmarches are done and had I any familiarity with how they do it in Europe then I would obviously -- and that's when I stopped her to note Your Family's history with the German walks. I also said that the system doesn't work for new people drawn to the walk via a published press release. Had there been something as simple as a newcomer welcome letter with a checklist to follow, that would have helped.

I was informed that this walk event is planned to be an ongoing daily opportunity for tourists. The Bi-Lo will keep that "walk box" on the premises for folks/volks to register and pay for the completion patch all-year round. How these hypothetical people will learn about this and how well Bi-Lo will train their employees to man the "walk box" 24/7 are questions I quickly shoved out of my head. Not my concern. I now have the notion in my brains that this is a loose group of march enthusiasts with ill-formed concepts of marketing and trust in other companies to run their event.

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