Letters to Holly

Tuesday, June 26

Two Years

The deputy turns 2 today. Seems like a little more has gone by since that Saturday night in the hospital. I could see a difference in his word use after just those four days at the convention. He can ID some letters and he's building the number chain between 1 and 10. I joke sometimes that I like him more the older he gets, but it's true. He's developing a personality. He wants to try everything. See everything. Not so much eat everything. But he knows that time-outs help him gather himself in a tantrum and decide what he really wants.

I also came home to an aggressive garden. The zucchini plants are as tall as my chest. The tomato vines look like shrubs. Your Sister wonders if it took this many years to properly alter the soil. She credits the compost. I credit crop rotation. One zucchini made three cups of shredded greens for zucchini bread.

Your Sister is using the summer to fix all the lingering yard aggravations. We're gonna replace the shingles and gutters, prune the big trees, mulch the front-yard beds, and maybe remove some dying trees.

I'm still dragging a bit from the convention, and last night's very late dinner didn't help. Your Sister is on her relaxed summer schedule, but I'm not. She likes to tarry with the boy in the morning, and I'm scooting him out the door for the commute. She also doesn't mind a 10pm supper, and I am both fading into oblivion and desperately clawing at the table in hunger.

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