Letters to Holly

Tuesday, July 10

So, Monday.

The roofers started attacking the house yesterday. Your Sister moved the car out of the garage to give them access to the attic. She left the car windows down. It rained like hell. The car is a bathtub. I was told of this when Your Father came by the office from the second time that day.

The first visit was to drop off a tiller attachment for a weedeater. When he mentioned these last weekend, he offered them and implied they were his old ones. What he delivered were brand-new components, fresh off the store shelves. He came back later to give us a long-handle magnet to pick up nails left by the roofers. Nice idea, but it doesn't pick up nails used on the siding. He delighted in delivering the bad news of the rain possibly leaking through the roof and definitely filling the car in his usual language of vague pronouns, chuckles and eyebrow movements. He's also adamant that the gutter covers we ordered won't work.

Today, I sit in a car seat covered in paper towels. I left my sketchbook at home so id didn't get water damage, like the exact same type of sketchbook I had to replace because it got water damage in the fender bender.

Picture of the Day
There was so much beer last night.

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