Letters to Holly

Tuesday, October 30

We're Fine

Our town only got some wind. Asheville has some snow flying around, but it's too warm to stick.

I met the high-school senior Sunday for observation time. We met at a restaurant where her dad works, and we had the place to ourselves. We mostly talked comic inanity (multiple universes, how the marriages of Superman and Spider-Man were magicked away, etc.). I also steered her planned minicomic to more polish, stressing that the grading panel will not care one bit about the content of the comic but will fail her if the product looks sloppy. She was going to show them art on comic boards. I told her she had to hand them a comic, inked and stapled I said she could get 10 copies for relatively little money at any office store. She seemed to take this to heart. We'll meet again in a week or so.

I started planning certain scenes in the 2013 comic, and I really hope I can keep it under 40 pages. 

The carving party went fairly well. The deputy had a very late night and crashed hard after a dinner consisting of crackers and chips. The neighbors are going to dry the habaneros I picked that night. I also yanked up the sweet potatoes, and found our basket weighed 20 pounds when I was done.

Picture of the Day
I don't think the cold will deter too many trick-or-treaters.

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