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Wednesday, March 15

Happy Julius Caesar Murder Day

The alt-weekly I escaped right before its collapse rebooted as a smaller paper a few months later. Just yesterday, however, the domain name lapsed. I don’t know if the company is still operating anymore. It’s possible they plan on moving to a new domain. Now that I think of it, this isn’t the first time such a thing happened. When I still worked there, the domain lapsed. Turns out the publisher paid a lawyer to nab the URL we wanted, but he held onto the rights to the site name. And because he was the contact for the domain company, we never got the notices that the domain was about to close. The new publisher may have gotten the website from the last publisher, but he may not have gotten the rights to the domain. The lesson for the day is this: That paper was cursed with mismanagement, and the inability for the higher-ups to get their act together is still frustrating to me. I hope my production officemate is doing OK. He’s not with them anymore either.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that I affirmed my long-held suspicion that caffeine makes me sleep. I ate some chocolate-covered espresso beans and downed a half-glass of Pepsi and was out cold within a half hour. Some say this proves I have ADD. I don’t quite buy that because it’s the hot go-to diagnosis.

Last night’s “Sex and the City” featured some Russian lingo. My “Jeopardy” answers would not have been impressive at all had we seen this episode first.

I tried a new recipe using asparagus last night and learned that, unless you blend it into a dish, asparagus tastes a lot like weeds. I also overcooked the steaks to the point that they became sausage.

I don’t know if this is getting much play up in Boston, but the sports world is abuzz that superstar kicker Adam Vinatieri might leave the Patriots. I don’t have the heart to tell Your Sister yet. The team homepage doesn’t list him as a player.

Picture of the Day
A closer look at Enceladus, the Saturn moon that might have liquid water. Or not.

In the news

Israel and Palestine continue their war of occupation.

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The judge overseeing the Saddam trial closed the court to the public and media. Hussein used his testimony time to deliver a speech claiming to still preside over Iraq.

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