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Tuesday, March 14

Shock The Wife

There’s nothing more satisfying than correctly answering “Jeopardy” questions so seemingly obscure that one’s wife pauses the TiFaux, turns with mouth agape, gasps “how the FUCK do you know that?” and then compares your rinky-dink, party school education with the one she got from her expensive, hoity-toity, high-falutin’ university. The topper, however, is when you tell her you gleaned the info from comic books. It can’t happen often but that makes the occasion that much sweeter.

So I know some Russian. Big deal. You’d think she just discovered I was ex-KGB.

On the way home yesterday, I pulled over and called her on the cell phone as a test. One large reason we bought them was so I could call her at work. Her classroom phone doesn’t ring, and the message light doesn’t work. She has to pick up the receiver and listen for a distinctive message signal. There have been many a night when 8:00 has arrived and I had no way of reaching her besides going to the school and banging on the lobby windows. We had definite conversations about her turning on the phone after school hours so I could call her. And because I’m writing this, you can guess what happened. I called. She didn’t answer. But, it turns out, the phone was on; she had however gone back home and gone to sleep. She didn’t hear the phone ring as it was on the other side of the house. I love it when a plan comes together. Mainly because my plans rarely come together.

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In the news

police have found more than 80 bodies in 24 hours. Again, the crime rate comparison for Iraq and the States doesn’t convey the intensity of violence.

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The government managed to successfully prosecute Zacarius Moussaoui as the “20th hijacker,” but it has twice crossed the judge during the sentencing phase. The most recent allegation is that a TSA representative sent transcripts to witnesses with tips on how to testify. At stake is the pursued death penalty.

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Anonymous said...

I still find you indispensible in keeping me in the pop culture and newswire loops, even though i am back in the states. thanks for the link to the scientific american site.
ok, back to kinetics and perfectly elastic collisions