Letters to Holly

Thursday, April 27


Your Sister leaves for Columbia (the city, not the country) after school today, leaving me to fend for myself until tomorrow night when she returns. I’m to meet up with some teachers at a local restaurant for tonight’s regional HIV charity event.

We had hoped to attend a wine tasting last night but arrived to find the tasting ended early. By about an hour. I was unhappy; it struck me as unprofessional. These people regularly hold these events and mail postcards to their clientele to lure them in. I’m hesitant to go to another one. Thank goodness we didn’t have to pay to park. We instead had dinner at the pub. This was before 8 p.m. so we knew the kitchen would be open. Before we left, the varsity volleyball coach and her husband sat next to us, and they talked shop a bit. She packed as we returned home and gave me phone numbers for the people I’m to rendezvous with tonight and tomorrow at the concert.

The drawing continues to go well. So well, in fact, I may not ink it. A detailed pencil sketch would be alright, wouldn’t it?

Picture of the Day
When Clinton was prez, I paid 88 cents a gallon. Just saying.

In the news

A Senate panel recommends closing FEMA and starting a new version, the National Preparedness and Response Authority. Surprisingly, it also wouldn’t be under Homeland Security anymore. That suggests the chain of communication in someway hindered the Katrina response, which isn’t reassuring as to FEMA’s reaction to a terrorist strike.

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