Letters to Holly

Monday, April 24

A Row, A Late Show, And A Mow

We had lunch together Friday afternoon as Your Sister was in town to buy fabrics for the guest bedroom. When I got home, I found her unhappy with what she had chosen and assembled but I thought it looked good. The black furniture is now softened with a deep red bedspread and gold sheets and pillow covers. Because the room is otherwise so light from the white walls & rug and the all-day sunlight, these design works nicely. But she was frustrated with the process of choosing the colors and a little frayed about the edges, and we argued needlessly most of the night. All was well before we went to bed.

On Saturday we ate at Rocky’s, grabbed some new videogames at Blockbuster (using a balance compiled when I traded in older games), and drove to the new airport stores. I picked up some office equipment for the studio and we walked through the pet store. She still hints that she’d welcome a dog into the yard, but I can’t do that to our cats or the neighbors. We hear enough barking dogs at night. We also hit the World Market to find paintings that I’ll steal from for color and composition. She wants me to make two additional paintings now to decorate the house. We then went to The Asheville B Plaza (Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble). She returned fabric that we agreed didn’t work with the room design while I perused Best Buy. We camped out at B&N for hours; I picked up a new copy of the pocket-sized Constitution and Declaration of Impendence, and she got some books she might teach next year. We met Travis and Kathy for what became a three-hour dinner and adjourned to their house when Tonia called to announce she was home from Spring Break. That led to another five hours of talk and beer and a “Saturday Night Live” rerun with half of Boondocks Saints thrown in. We got home at 2:30 after Kathy taught us Euchre, a card game that might make more sense when one is sober.

On Sunday, I bought her a DVD/VCR for her classroom. She worked there for a bit and I mowed the lawn. I managed to remove the mower blade, sharpen it and reinstall it before hand. I had to mow in two stages as I was feeling a little beery and wanted to avoid heat stroke. Before we watched a very entertaining new “West Wing,” I ordered a pizza, and we ate it on the deck. We discovered that birds are using the paper towels we put in the compost bin. They’re using them to build nests, we think. We’re trying to help Mother Nature by composting paper towels, but the damn birds are recycling it. (*shakes fist at Mother Nature*)

Sketch Day
I’ve started detail work in the Star Wars sketch. Notice here the work on her right hand and the folds of the shirt. Now that I’ve gotten my drawing seas legs back, I have to tweak the drawing to reflect traditional jedi clothing. I fear drawing the costume exactly as she wore it will look less like a tunic and more like exercise sweats. If I change it, I'll make the sleeves looser, and extend the shirt to look like the tunic hem.

In the news
The Iranian president questioned again the legitimacy of Israel (again) and allowed women to attend soccer games of the first time since 1979.

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In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday (April 23), here’s the Random Shakespeare Insult Generator.

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