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Friday, April 21

Bring Me The Head of Alex Trebek

We watched a recorded episode of “Jeopardy” than aired last week. The last question in the category of “Forbes 500 2005 Richest Fictional People” featured a big spoiler from Harry Potter. This is something I have yet to read for myself in the series, and it’s a little shocking. I was so distraught, I couldn’t answer Final Jeopardy (Emma Lazarus wrote the poem displayed at the Statue of Liberty.). Alex, we now have a blood feud. The Trebek name now adorns my Plaque of People Who Should Be Launched Into The Sun.

Your Sister finished up the front lawn, and with help from your parents, finally moved the old Hitchcock furniture into the guest bedroom. It looks good. She’s doing a bang-up job around the house. She rented us a tiller for the weekend so we can get the garden ready, but the rain may keep us from using it.

I again woke up much too early this morning despite staying away from chocolate, sugar, and ice cream. So those can’t be the cause. Which means I can eat crap again.

I just got paid, and I can again play the PlayStation after Lent, and the “Guitar Hero” videogame (complete with guitar controller) is calling to me. I don’t know if I can resist much longer. Then again, I haven’t played the new “Katamari Damacy” yet either.

This weekend is your big test, and we’re both sending you mental power through the atmosphere. Good luck, and party heavily afterward.

Picture of the Day
WWE performer Triple H poses with fans in Milan, Italy. The kid’s expression at the bottom makes the photo.

In the news
According to a FOX News poll, Bush’s approval rating is down to 33%. That’s FOX News saying that, not the AP, New York Times, or any other agency the administration can shrug off.

+ + +

Variety reports that the production team behind “Lost” will make the next Star Trek film. The story will focus on Spock and Kirk meeting for the first time. This sounds really, really good. A pre-original series film has been in consideration for years at Paramount as numerous creative types have tried to pitch a new start for the franchise. I can only classify myself as a causal-to-regular fan of Trek, but I’m intrigued by the thought, and I would advocate starting over from scratch in production and technology design and. We have cell phones that are smaller than the original communicators. A futuristic movie should reflect what we now think surpasses our modern devices. We can’t hang on to what people forty years ago with a shoestring budget thought would look good four centuries later.

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