Letters to Holly

Thursday, May 11

Back to normal

My feet still hurt. Wah.

I came home to find Your Sister asleep, and I putzed around the house for a while. She kept sleeping so I watched a two-hour show. It was soon 8ish, and it was my turn to make dinner. I started it, gently woke her up, and asked if she wanted to eat. She got out of bed about 8:30. It’s not unheard of for her to come home from work and sleep until the next morning. We finished dinner right as another head-trip episode of “Lost” started. I soaked in the tub with the recently arrived Esquire magazine.

We caught the 11 news to see if the local station did any kind of follow-up on the student alcohol story. Rumors abounded at school yesterday that it would be some sort of bombshell, but again nothing was there. Their website doesn’t have it either, which again confirms what I told Your Sister yesterday: No local station will take the time to explain how being sent home by a teacher isn’t a punishment. This is a non-story despite what teacher fears and student hopes may design. The top school story not involving molestation is about kids flashing The Shocker during a senior group picture. While the school deems the hand sign so vulgar that it will blur them out of the photo, the station started its report with footage of a student making the sign for the camera.

Picture of the Day
The cover of the new Wonder Woman comic series. She got some hips.

In the news
In what will surely fan rhetorical flames, a new report says the NSA is getting private, domestic phone records from the big communication companies. The database tracks numbers dialed, names of the callers, and length of conversations. But this is a broad wiretap, exactly the kind of thing that lead to the earlier debate about warrants and secret courts. I can understand and accept statistical tracking, but it’s another incremental movement toward open conversation eavesdropping by the state, and that’s icky enough to raise hackles among even those of us who break out in hives when we hear fascist conspiracy theories.

+ + +

A stunningly good idea has been introduced in the Senate with Hillary Clinton and others signing on: The minimum wage would rise at the same rate as congressional increases. This is such a good idea that I can’t believe any Congressperson came up with it. It won’t pass, of course, and that allows the Democrats to label the GOP as folks who will ensure they get more money but not waitresses. The new publishing cottage industry of knocking Hillary because she’s a woman is so blatantly misogynist, I hope she wins now just to see all the exploding heads.

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