Letters to Holly

Tuesday, May 9

Mangeons le diner

The Asheville clubbing did not happen as the group discovered that it was a set-up: A local gal just wanted a date with one of the French guys. The rest of the group wasn’t interested in watching. That’s the scuttlebutt anyway. Instead, Valerie had dinner with the five of us last night at our place.

Your Sister made a sausage pasta dish and Valerie helped with the salad. Kathy, Travis, and Tonia brought strawberry shortcake. Tonia and Valerie started speaking French to each other right away. [Valerie has learned these words while traveling in N.C.: junk, crashing (getting sleepy), mess, huge, cute, and worn out.] Dinner went great. I burned a copy of They Might Be Giants’ Flood and offered to make a CD of Ray Charles for Valerie. She seemed to like my portfolio and my studio. I showed her pictures from my trip to France and showed the others my theatre and high school pictures (the hair. my God, the hair).

Picture of the Day
Tonia, Valerie, the wife, Travis, and Kathy.

In the news
After the jury failed to give him the death sentence, Moussaoui now says he believes he could have gotten a fair trial in America and wants to rescind his guilty plea. He thinks the jury might not have bought into the federal charges, and he might have walked. The judge says it’s too late. I agree. Moussaoui ignored his defense team’s efforts the whole way and only now does he want to trust them. Idiot.

+ + +

The resignation of Porter Goss and executive director Dusty Foggo from the CIA seems to spring from a growing bribery scandal more than his inability to manage the agency. The Wall Street Journal broke the story of congressional bribery stemming from Duke Cunningham’s recent trail and jail sentence. Goss and Foggo allegedly took part in high-stakes poker games (not so bad) that involved concealed bribes and hookers for congressman (a little more bad). The kicker: This happened at the Watergate Hotel. Yes, THAT Watergate Hotel.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys have had a great time, thus far, hanging out with Valerie. Thanks for sharing the group picture. Isn't it just tempting fate to do any unsavory or unsundry thing at the Watergate Hotel? I have a friend who worked in a PR firm in that same building...she refused to be there alone, said it was spooky and felt creepy.