Letters to Holly

Wednesday, June 14

Bye, Tonia

Got home last night as Your Sister was returning from the grocery store. We quickly cleaned the house and started working on dinner. Kathy and Tonia and Travis came over for a farewell party; Tonia's going back home to Germany. I made pizza. Your Sis bought a large cookie from the store. I also taped two World Cup Games for them to choose from. They arrived about an hour later. Neither game was watched as they chose an "Iron Chef" episode instead, and I gave them a lengthy explanation of how the show worked. Also showed off my Iron Chef apron. We then watched "Last Comic Standing," a bizarre show where loud, unfunny people are chosen by the audience over the witty folks. They left a litle before 10, and tearful goodbyes were exchanged. I'm gonna miss that kid, but Kathy and Travis are expecting a baby near September. They won't have much time to be bored.

We're planning on a Father's Day lunch with your folks on Saturday. Your Sis has two more days of work, and then her Long Summer Nap shall commence.

Still working. I'll bring the funny later.

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