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Friday, June 16

We Got Movie Sign

Your Sister wanted pizza for din-din and decided we should rent some videos. She specifically wanted Memoirs Of a Geisha as possible classroom viewing. She read the book a few years back. I tried it but couldn't get past the Cinderella cliche. She also wanted to try Napoleon Dynamite. Now, remember, she hates comedies. Armed with this knowledge, I tried to argue her out of spending 90 minutes frowning at the TV. But no. She was determined. I don't see this going well. At Blockbuster, we also picked up the Al Pacino version of Merchant of Venice and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I've heard good things about.

We only got around to Memoirs last night. It's a lush movie, clearly deserving its technical Oscars (art direction, costumes, and cinematography), but it has no emotional resonance. Maybe it's to reflect the selfles nature of the Geisha, but I believe you can show her stoic life without the film itself being devoid of passion.

Your Sister was enjoying rum and Coke, her favorite drinky-poo, and we have plenty of leftover pizza for tonight's film selection. It will have to be Kiss Kiss as that's due back Saturday. She has a parent conference today, a full week after school is over. What the parent hopes to achieve at this late date is beyond me.

Picture of the Day
The monarch caterpillars are back.

In the news
The Supremes decided that police don't have to knock if they have a warrant. I can see the benefit of that; evidence can be destoryed before someone answers rthe door. But if someone breaks into a house without IDing themselves, how many homeowners will understandably reach for their guns?
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The Colbert Report ran a great bit about a Georgia congressman who wants the Ten Commandments in public buildings. After offering his porposal, he's asked to name them. You should see this.

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