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Monday, June 19

We Shop

We caught Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Friday. It's tremendous fun, a smartass noir film. It just came out on DVD. It owes a lot to the Pulp Fiction style but it's cool and jazzier. Val Kilmer steals the show with every line.

We had Saturday lunch with your parents and then stayed in Asheville. Your dad offered to buy us a freezer as a family tradition to newlyweds. Upon looking at freezers in Best Buy, we realized that we don't really need a freezer, and for a few hundred dollars more, we could get a new fridge with an adequate freezer compartment. Also, we are leaning toward a flat-screen TV. The TV I brought to the marriage is just fine, but our couch time is expanding, and we'd like a snazzy screen to watch our TV. Not HD. We don't need that. Nor a speaker system. Just a sharper picture. We bought some patio chairs in hopes we'll entertain during the summer. We could only find two nice ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Lowe's offered only high end items. We may buy a bench from them, though.

We then hit the Asheville Mall and bought a lot of clothes. We like Old Navy (t-shirts are dirt cheap), and I got a denim jacket to satisfy Your Sister's John Cougar Mellancamp fetish. We also picked up some items in Eddie Bauer. It was 8:30 by this time, and we were dead tired. We returned hom to watch the U.S./Italy World Cup game. Brutal. We still haven't scored a goal by ourselves, but Italy couldn't beat us with a 10-to-9 player advantage. I don't know how people can knock soccer. I've seen so very little of it, but I could wtch every World Cup game. It flies by, and it's immediately interesting. My grasp of the rules is shaky (that offsides rule seems suspect), butthe game is nowhere near as intimidating as football to learn.

On Sunday, we shopped again for patio chairs and found some nice ones in Target. Not too nice, but good enough for our crowd. We returned home to watch Brazil beat Australia in a solid game. And we capped the night with Napoleon Dynamite. It's boring. I laughed out loud for the first ten minutes, and then it ran out of funny. We stopped it maybe 40 minutes in (Trish accepted his invitation to the dance, click.) Now I worry that Nacho Libre, made by the same director, will miss the mark. It's a luchadore comedy; it's right up my alley.

I've made some progress in the Star Wars drawing and may have it finished by summer. Still can't decid on pencils vs. inks. Alsi, I started The Tempest. I had no idea it was this short a play. Also, the obligatory comic relief scene is still funny; I never find that to be the case in most Shakespeare.

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A cool Fanta ad.

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