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Wednesday, June 21

Man Eats Fish, Lives to Tell

I ran again at the gym yesterday and was worn out as can be. I cooled down, drove to the gas station, filled the tank, drove home, stripped, showered, dressed and still was breathing heavy when I sat down.

Your Sis broiled halibut last night, and it was a winner. As you know, I'm new to this notion of eating from the water. She used a marinade with lime and jalapeno. Not bad at all.

For the record:
Baked salmon = good.
Halibut = good.
Crab soup = bitchin'.
Lemon shrimp = ambrosia.
Trout = the pain, oh the pain.

I feel a bit weird this morning, but I'm not willing to ascribe that to the fish or the exercise.

Picture of the Day
It's Mars.

In the news
I haven't talked about Iraq in a while, because I've tried to determine what I think about it. I mean, I've known from the get-go that our invasion and occupation was a show of strength. And it diverted our focus from Afgahnistan and Pakistan where the terrorists where holed up. But last week gave us the good news of Al-Zarqawi's death and bad news of the deaths of two U.S. soldiers. It also gave us more bombings, Japan's plan to withdraw their troops, and the political grandstanding over our own timetable to leave. In other words, Iraq is a fucking mess, and we're doing ourselves no favors by braving the turmoil. The only reason we're staying is to spook Iran and spare the GOP any Democrat told-ya-so's this close to rthe midterm elections. Al Qaeda is growing in Somalia, we're still fighting a war in Afghanistan, and North Korea reminds us again that they are bugnuts. Iraq is a bad habit we need to kick so we can focus on stuff that might actually affect our security.

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Anonymous said...

hey you.
i had no idea that Japan was withdrawing troops. Guess I need to do more than just scan headlines of the WSJ. Or I could just read your blog and stay up-to-date.

Ah, dates. I'm joining a crowd of peeps for the Red Sox game tonight.

got my scores.... and it's in my best interestes to retake the exam ( just a few points more are needed), but i'll still apply this summer to schools. in fact, i'll probably be sending you and your loverly wife draft essays. comments, critiques, and corrections will all be paid for in beer and other tasty num-nums on July 16th.