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Friday, June 23

Star Trek stuff

No update yesterday as I was swamped in work meetings all day. I learned my high school chum Esther had a baby, her first. A boy. My other pal from that time, Rebecca, is due to get married next June. You might remember Esther and her family from my wedding; she was the photography wrangler, making sure we got all the pictures we wanted.

After work, I ran my frustrations out with a good session at the gym. Our buddies Travis and Kathy are celebrateing their fifth anniversary tonight at a German restaurant in Hendersonville, and we're invited along. I haven't had real German food before, and I'm eager for the nosh.

Your Sis and I have made a recent habit of watching "Star Trek: The Next Generation," only because we hit a string of decent episodes. Once the channel loops back to the series' first seasons, we'll bail; those early ones are embarrassing to watch as the producers didn't have a strong grasp of the series. We did end the night on a strangely dumb episode built around a murder mystery; we noted the flaws in the logic and the avoidance of simple regular show elements that could have solved the matter quickly. For instance, how do you perform an autopsy on an alien without cutting him open? Move him using the transporter. It employs a diagnostic and quarantine for foreign particles. How can you tell who was in the room with a dead person? Ask the ship's ever-vigilant computer. Also, Whoopi Goldberg's character doesn't hold up well. She's too similar to the counselor empath, and that hat will never look anything other than absurd. Credit the regular cast for holding up their end while working with her. She's an Oscar-winner and a born performer wheras the NG cast didn't have much oncamera experience.

Picture of the Day
Apparently a real poster. Can't say it's all that effective.

In the news
Federal agents captured a group in Florida who were planning attacks there and in Chicago. Details are still coming in.

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A casting rumor says the Star Trek movie reboot might get Matt Damon for Kirk. This idea would be more mind-blowing had Your Sis and I not already picked him last year. We decided to recast the original crew for a new film, and we came up with this:

Matt Damon as Kirk
Denzel Washington as Spock
Gary Senise as Bones
Lucy Liu as Sulu
Angela Bassett as Uhuru.
Mandy Patinkin as Scotty
Famke Jansen as Chekov, based on her accent in Goldeneye. I dunno about changing the gender of two bridge crewmembers. I say they can get any current male teen heartthrob for the role.

We're also working on recasting Star Wars.

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Ebert doesn't like Adam Sandler's Click

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