Letters to Holly

Monday, June 26


Kathy and Travis decided not to drive to H'ville for German food, and we ate instead at a local steakhouse. That's fine by me. A good time was had by all. We adjourned to Jason's for dessert and began a lengthy talk about religion. We established no new beachheads but refined our positions better and walked away much later content with the conversation. These are good people, and I enjoy their company a great deal.

Saturday marked the beginning of horrible weather, and that knocked us out of seeing The Tempest at Montford Park. Your Sis asked that I shave so she could see me sans beard but with the short haircut and the new glasses. Before we had lunch, I was shorn, as this week's Pictures of the Day will document. We hit the pub for lunch and discussed our potential August honeymoon. We talked about Chicago, but we both expressed concerns about pulling it together on such short notice. There's also the matter of the necessary chunk of change. I promised to leaf through our Chicago tour books to find the best destinations.

Back home, she reminded me that her sink was borken, and I looked at it. The knob that controls the stopper was broken. I had never fixed a sink before and didn't know what the repair would entail. Off to Lowe's I went and found me a stopper kit to fix it. About 20 minutes later, I had done the deed. It was a cinch, and I didn't have to drain any pipes. I feel so competent. So manly. Had I retained the beard before the repair, I could have been the new Bounty mascot. She took off with Julie, who's getting married next weekend, and they were gone for about seven hours. I sketched a bit and watched the Ebert commentary on the Casablanca DVD. I love that man. He not only knows his stuff, he can communicate it in an interesting way.

The next day, I woke up early to catch England vs. Ecudaor and finally saw Beckham play. he scored the only goal, and it was a soaring beaut. I found a pamphlet from a Virginia Shakespeare playhouse and discovered their August offerings were tempting: Macbeth, As You Like It, and Tempest. We decided this is where we can go for our honeymoon: Shakespeare and bed-and-breakfasts. We are geeks. We watched The Merchant of Venice last night, and having never read the play, I found it a dour, mean-spirited story. I can't tell if it's supposed to signify the effects of crafty women on men, generational wars, or the crippling formality of men. Al Pacino owns the film as Shylock. There's really no other reason to watch the movie.

Picture of the Day
The pre-shave.

In the news
Remember when the GOP slammed the Democrats for suggesting we craft a time-table to withdraw from Iraq? Turns out the Pentagon's top general has done just that. Also, the prime minister of Iraq proposed a program to grant amnesty to insurgents, distinguishing them from terrorists, if they promise to rebuild the city. Guess how happy this makes our administration. This will strain the notion of a "free Iraq," but it's a needed step. He's lives there. He's nominally in charge. He has to try something to end the violence seeing as how we can't.

+ + +

UNC might win the College World Weries tonight agaist Oregon State.

+ + +

The Florida terrorists arrested last week may instead be a pack of restless twerps with no training, no weapons, no money, and no plot. The question now is this: Were they set up as a big arrest by an undercover agent who directed them to a jihadist stance?

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