Letters to Holly

Friday, June 30

Reunited, and it drives so good.

The car works again. While the idle isn't as smooth as I'd like, it's nowhere near as bad as it had been. Also the gear indicator is fixed. We had a pub dinner last night before heading to the forest edge for ice cream. We ran into one of my college drama professors, and we caught up on what's happened since graduation. He mentioned that the college auditions are open to the public, and this is my chance to get my stage legs back. The first potential play is by Edward Albee, and I'm all over that opportunity. I'll be the oldest guy. I can play a dad. If this is typical Albee, it will be a drunk, yuppie dad. We watched a documentary on Superman, and now I'm dying to see the film. Both yesteray and today started with a communal breakfast while waiting for the dealership to call. We never have breakfast together as we rarely awake at the same time. But this was nice. We read papers and ate baked goods. Your Sister's good to hang out with. Glad I married her.

Picture of the Day
I already miss the beard.

In the news
The Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo detainees only applies to those charged before Congress's 2005 Detainee Treatment Act. Still, it may be the first major step in restraining the growing executive powers. The conservative slant on this is to again cite "activist judges," as if that invented outrage can carry the November elections.

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They're making a Transformers movie. I have no interest in this. My geek bubble only extends so far.

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