Letters to Holly

Wednesday, June 28


It's a day of hope: The puppy will go to a animal foster home tomorrow, and the dealership is supposed to call me tonight to give me back the car. We still don't know what this weekend looks like with your family. We haven't heard the plans for Penn2 and Andrea, and I don't know what day I have off for July 4, if any. The boss has been in and out of the office with a family reunion shindig since Friday. I have no idea when I can see the Superman film before Tuesday. And it kills me.

Pictures of the Day
The Cowboy

The teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3 was released online yesterday, and it looks fabulous.

In the news
A bill for a flag-burning amendment failed in the Senate by one vote. This bill was all show. It would only allow Congress to later make the act criminal if it chose.

+ + +

House GOPers are trying to pass a bill condemning the NY Times for its article on financial wiretapping. This is yet another attempt to find a rallying position for the November elections. You don't kill the messenger. If someone in the government is leaking classified info, you blame them, not the papers. I suspect the administration wants such articles printed so it gives them something to rail against and appease the loyalists. If there are this many leaks and no one is getting fired for it, maybe the leaks have White House approval.


Anonymous said...

ah yes, you look very wyatt earp-ish.

Gregory said...

Not for long.

Tomorrow: Ned Flanders!