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Thursday, June 29


Woke up this morning to learn that, while walking the puppy, Your Sister met its owner. The dog went crazy with joy when it saw the man, so it was obviously his. So that's that.

I learned last night that Andrea and P2 won't be coming up this weekend, but will instead plan the trip around his planned seminars in Fayetteville. Maybe next weekend. This frees up Your Sis to see her college buddy in Greenville Sunday and into Monday. I shall stay home and draw. And booze it up.

The dealership said they got the wrong part and won't be able to fix my car until tomorrow morning. The boss has been good about me coming in late today and tomorrow. If they don't give me my car tomorrow, I'm demanding a loaner for the weekend. As I drove Your Sister's car to work, I saw a "Lost Dog" flyer describing the dog we handed over. Her name was Misha. The guy didn't tell us. I have no doubts he was the real owner, but he didn't offer anything for housing the dog he lost. A dog with no tags, no less. He's asking for that pooch to skedaddle again

Picture of the Day
Okily dokily.

In the news
The Supremes ruled 5-3 that the administration cannot deprive the Guantanamo inmates of full civil trials. This leads to a question of whether they are truly military detainees or regular prisoners. Also, it establishes that, despite administration assurances, they do indeed receive full Geneva Convention rights. Dissenting court opinion suggests the government will be hampered in seeking justice, but that assumes there is insufficient evidence to prosecute in a courtroom. If there is not enough evidence, what rationale is there for the incarcerations? The court effectively told the administration to either prove they belong locked up or release them. This is a conservative court, recently filled with two Bush appointees. Roberts excused himself from ruling because he worked the case on the appeal level.

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