Letters to Holly

Monday, July 3

Bachelor Time

We attended a farewell party of a departing teacher Friday night. I chugged most of a six-pack of Woodchuck Granny Apple Cider and devoured the buffet. On Saturday, Your Sis attended a wedding in Rosman, leaving me to myself for most of the day. I witnessed Rooney and Beckham decimate their own team, allowing Portugal to win on penalty kicks. I also saw an aggressive French team beat Brazil. I'm shocked by the amount to flopping in the World Cup. Even professional basketball doesn't have this kind of bald-faced lying. One Portgual player grabbed his head and crumpled to the ground midfield when the replay shoed he was never touched. That should be penalized. The Portugese fans were booing the England team for continuing play, and I can't blame England; who could tell if someone was really hurt or trying to kill momentum?

Later that night, we went to the Averrettes'. Paul was the one who officiated our wedding. It was the four of us and another older couple, friends of the Paul and Polly. Your Sis and I tried to jump into conversations, but so much of it dealt on friendly injokes, reminiscing, and children stories. We just didn't have that much in common. It wasn't a bad time at all, but I'm already handicapped by stories of school. All of our social time is spent with teachers, and I can offer very little. I think this may be why Travis wants to teach.

On Sunday, she went to Greenville to visit a Furman pal, and I had the place to myself again. I watched the director/writer commentary of Sin City. I got to hear Frank Miller, the guy who created the comic, talk about bringing the stories to life while learning to direct at the same time. Because Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez are such close directing buddies, the latter used Kill Bill weaponry for Sin City. I got my montly comic haul from my old store and plowed through them all day. I also drew a bit, gathering momentum on my comic stories again. I cracked open the most recent Harry Potter book. When I finish this, I'll be caught up with the series. Whenever I find myself alone, I always stay up much later, and I hit the bed about 1 a.m.
I got your medical essay, and we'll both work on it this week.

Picture of the Day

I'm nervous about the shuttle launch. It's no secret that the underfunded NASA needs a new spaceship, and I don't see the virtue of launching a rickety, outdated vehicle when its safety is debateable. Yes, yes, let's be pioneers, and let's embrace a degree of risk. But let's give the astronauts a decent, resuable craft. The PC I'm typing with has more horsepower than the shuttle's main computer. When they launch and return, these are the most visible scientists on the planet. Let's give them more than the equivalent of a 1988 Volvo to pin our exploratory dreams on. Five shuttles have been built. Two have exploded. That's a shitty track record.

In the news
According to Bloomberg News, the administration contacted AT&T about a domestic wiretapping program before 9/11. This is counter to the White House timeline of events. If you recall, the pre-9/11 White House focus was on Russia and a missile shield. Maybe they can claim we were tracking nuclear warhead smugglers.

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