Letters to Holly

Wednesday, July 5

Superman Returns

... is a movie taking wrong turns. They got a good actor to resemble Reeve, and a good Luthor in Spacey, but they took an angle on the Superman myths that lacks energy and, worse, humanity. We're left with an odd detachment from the Man of Steel. It's a little sad. They spent a whole buncha money on great effects and prodcution design without hammering out a Superman movie that closes with a sense of happiness, security, or hope. I pray that the obligatory extended DVD version is a better film. But, hey, I got to hear the John Williams "Superman" theme through movie speakers a few times, and that was well worth the money.

We arrived for the 12:15 showing and nabbed some great seats wih our armloads of food. When the movie started, we couldn't help but be distracted by the closed captioning on the screen. Turns out, this theatre runs captions on every first showing of each film on Tuesdays. Nowhere does the theatre tell you that. Not when you buy the tickets, not when they rip the tickets. Not when you buy food or enter the theatre. Your Sis learned that they would exchange our 12:15 tickets for the 12:45 showing, sans captions. So we did. As did about a third of the 12:15 audience.

After the film, we wolfed down doughnuts and coffee at Krispy Kreme (it fit the Superman song: duh-duhnuh-nuhnuh ... KRISPY KREME!) and walked through Home Depot. we're thinking of wall colors and took a dozen paint samples for consideration. We had dinner with Travis while Brevard was smothered by a thunderstorm that washed out the big fireworks show.

Moving Pictures of the Day
If you click this link and scroll down to the video features, you can watch the shuttle launch from an exterior mounted camera. It's very cool.

In the news
So, um, yeah, North Korea fired seven missiles that failed their distance capacity, and NOW we're supposed to pay attention to them? Does this give the GOP a rallying cry for November? I doubt it since they have focused solely on a "war on terror," and while that country was in the original Axis of Evil, we thrown much un-axis-ing their way like we have toward the Middle East. Iran may have nuclear material, but North Korea has missiles. Who do you squash? Both? Really, with our military stretched thin? Doesn't make sense. Until they actually hit Japan, all we can do is ask them not to use basic rocket technology. Next month, we'll ask Russia to give up the telephone.


Anonymous said...

that link to nasa footage was great! you always find the coolest stuff.

thanks for the shaping and editing of the essay.

i had the great fotune to see superman at the imax, where 4 scenes were modified into 3D. the only one that really worked was clark as a boy, leaping and bounding through the corns field, plowing into the barn, and then miraculously levitating above the floor. because he stayed still, the 3D projection was effective. Every other scene, becuase of all the movement and rapid action sequences, gave me a headache.

Gregory said...

My lazy eye prohibts me from using 3D glasses. But I'd love to see this in IMAX.