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Thursday, July 6

Bachelored Once More

Your Sis called to say it was a Girl's Night, and she would be out for a while. I grabbed a burger and hunkered down in the workshop. A teacher pal of hers has asked for two mix CDs, one for "rambling" tunes and the other for mashups. The latter is easier; I just made that for Travis. But the rambling songs are taking a while. I originally had 60 potential songs -- everything from Mojo Nixon's "Are You Drinking With Me Jesus" to Radiohead's cover of "Rhinestone Cowboy" to the "Dukes of Hazzard" theme song. I've managed to whittle them down to 25, but I need to cut about 5 of them to fit on a CD. I don't want to give her a double CD. That's overkill.

Picture of the Day

The Snakes on a Plane marketing is just wrong. The ads and the poster should be campy throwbacks. The subdued modern style has no fun at all. The poster should look like the below example. It needs expository text, dramatic foreshortening, and fucking snakes.

In the news
The Emmy nominations are out. Neither the best drama nor best comedy series from last year are up for those awards this year. "Lost" is up for writing, directing and guest actor for Desmond, a second-season character. I imagine the show's designed confusion alienated voters. Marton Sheen is up for best leading actor for "West Wing," a series that moved away from the White House staff. I'm not sure how he qualifies given that the actor playing Josh clearly carried the show this year. The CJ Craigg actress got a leading actor nod too, a nomination she deserved more last year. Also Hugh Laurie is not up for his role in "House," and that's a bit of a shock.

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The top New York court ruled that gay marriages are not allowed by state law. Unlike the Massachussetts ruling, the court did not rule the state marriage law as exclusionary.

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