Letters to Holly

Thursday, July 20

Tender is the Night and My Legs

Monday, I ran. Tuesday, I mowed. Wednesday, I bowled. Today, I got the ouchies. Your Sis hosted a Ladies Night with a Mediterranean theme. The shindig was on before I got home from work. She had balloons on the maibox and back deck and a spread of food guests had brought. I helped her make picture coasters relating to countries on the ocean. She hosted about ten fellow teachers while I vanished for the bowling alley. Travis and I went four games, including a break for fries and beer. We talked marriage and arguments and my divorce. It was good. Very good. This is a good guy all around, and we think the world of his wife too. We lucked up finding these folks. When I got home, I helped clean up as Heidi said goodbye to Kathy. We're supposed to start boxing up the office for the Orlando convention today, but we're doing an awful lot of last-minute printing. I don't know when I'll get home tonight; some were here into the wee hours yesterday.

Picture of the Day
Stephen Hawking wins at Snaps.

In the News
"Snowflake babies" is the new cuddly-wuddly name for children born fromdiscarded embryo collections. The hardline GOP used the term in teh recent stem-cell debate which culminated in Bush's only veto of his administration.

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Virtually all the significant critics hate Lady in the Water. Look for small-market and fringe critics to laud it so their quotes can appear in national ads. This is their form of cheap publicity.

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