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Friday, July 21

Y Tu Rick James Tambien

The very morning I posted about three straight days of leg-killing exercise, I was asked to do more. The office received 100 boxes of the company's history books at 36 pounds a box. That's a ton and a half. The driver announced he was not paid to move them, just deliver them to our door. We carted them up the handicap ramp to the opposite end of the building in about half an hour. My legs are yelling at me in a vulgar leg language. I got home late as we put the final touches on convention stuff and soaked in the tub for about 20 minutes. Didn't help. Friday, I awoke with stiff legs and knees. I have this sensation in my thigh; it feels like my cell phone is vibrating inside my pocket. Yet that gadget sits over there, in my lunchbox on the floor. Weird.

Thursday and Friday were 12-hour workdays as we packed up the office. Only the stunning hotness of my iPod playlist kept me awake enough to drive home. And I’m sure the deer appreciated hearing me warble Air Supply at top volume.

On Saturday, we hit Asheville. Your Sis got some new shoes at Topps. We strolled a bit, taking in some art galleries and eating at the Woolworth Diner where a grilled cheese and BLT set you back $12. As we moved from the Grove Arcade to Malaprops, Asheville was hit by a monsoon, a true-blue gullywasher that stopped the city cold for 15 minutes. An hour later, you couldn’t even tell it rained. It was brutal hot. I looked at making my own painting canvas instead of buying a giant one pre-made. It’ll be cheaper to craft it, and I won’t have to strap the readymade on to my car roof to drive it home. We got back in time for supper and Kathy and Travis stopped by to shoot the shit. Somehow this turned into us watching my Dave Chappelle DVDs, and Your Sis actually laughed.

On Sunday, she was struck by the notion of taking apart her bathtub doors and putting up the shower curtain. This became an Official project. We had to scour the old caulk off the tub, shave the wall anchors down, pull up the floor stripping, and fill in holes in the fiberglass. We need to adhere the linoleum to the floor before adding new stripping and patch a gouge. Then she can use it again. That probably won’t happen before I leave for Orlando on Thursday. We ended the night watching Y Tu Mama Tambien, the first film we taped on TiFaux back in January. It’s a very well-directed movie, with prolonged shots and nice character movement. I like the storytelling, although the narration style reminds me a lot of City of God. It’s also possibly the most realistic depiction of teen boys I’ve seen onscreen.

Picture of the Day
The largest North American comic convention just wrapped up. Some costumes are great. Others ...

In the News
Condi Rice went to Beirut today to talk to the leader of Lebanon, presumably to assure him the U.S. will extend evacuations of his people if he can find some oil. We're also speeding up arms shipments to Israel for use in the Hezbollah attacks. The administration wants to pressure Syria to cut off Hezbollah but sent Rice to Lebanon. I don't see how that pressure Syria to do anything.

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