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Wednesday, September 13

It's A Girl

Kathy and Travis welcomed Anna Claire into Mayberry yesterday at noon. Kathy went in for her regular checkup, and the doctors were concerned about insufficient amniotic fluid. They did a C-section, and everyone is fine. Kathy thus had no labor which makes her, of course, less of a woman. Hey, I got here through a C-section, and so did Esther's kid. So did all of you, if I remember right. So we each can kill Macbeth.

I ran three miles Tuesday. I deliberately ran slower and burned up more calories by running farther. I'll start using weights and running on alternate days and hope to run on roads starting next week. Travis, I assume, will still run on Oct. 27, but he may be shot after his first month with the baby. If he can't do run at all, I still will, but if he can't complete the race, I'll stop when he does. No need making him feel weak.

Your Sister was asked to fill-in for the JV volleyball coach, who herself is a new mother. Your Sis isn't going to do it, but it's somewhat flattering to be asked. The only reason to try to fit that into her schedule is to stick it to all the parents who grumbled about her coaching methods. I mean, they couldn't bitch about the results; they went something like 15-5. But she can't take that on now. She stepped away because of teaching workload. It was a tough call for her, but it was final. The athletic director, I'm lead to understand, feels like this is the varsity coach's problem to fix, but the AD is the one who hired a pregnant coach. He needs to find a solution. We suggested to ourselves that Angry Dad get his chance to run the team, but I doubt the other parents will be any happier with his style, and I suspect the girls will mutiny.

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