Letters to Holly

Wednesday, October 4

Done and done

I ran three miles at the gym last night. I still haven't bought new shoes, but the treadmill offers less struggle than roads and grass. I worked at a quicker pace and steeper incline. I also signed up to give blood at the gym Saturday between homecoming events. I don't expect to see anyone I know, but I want to see what the painting student are up to.

Her Teams
New England (3-1), NY Jets (2-2), Oakland (0-3)
Philly (3-1), Detroit (0-4)

My Teams
Miami (1-3), Pittsburgh (1-2)
Philly (3-1), Carolina (2-2)

Sketch of the Day

In the News
The GOP is pushing hard against the Mark Foley scandal coverage. Speaker Hastert went on the Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, and Limbaugh radio shows all in the same day. That's a full-court press of spin. He claims he won't step down, despite calls from Washington papers and Democrats. He also is trying to say the media held this story until October to scuttle the GOP's election hopes. First, this is blaming the messenger. Second, after the Dan Rather National Guard memo debacle, I'd bet money ABC (who broke the story) spent months gathering all the information they could to present a tight story. Had they not, the GOP would cry libel and try to rally the loyal voters. They can't do that this time. ABC had tons of evidence to confront Foley -- enough that he quit the next day. Now he's blaming alcoholism and molestation by a priest.

+ + +
Buried by the above story are comments by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Not only did he say Afghanistan cannot be won militarily, but he thinks it's a good idea to promote stability there by conceding power to the Taliban. We went to there to get rid of them.

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