Letters to Holly

Friday, September 29

Ouch, Eesh, Yikes.

We had dinner Friday night with Kathy, Travis, and baby Anna Claire. The baby made not one peep in the restaurant.

Saturday morning, I ran on the road. I had a new route picked so I could get two miles in one direction without hitting downtown foot traffic. Unfortunately, that route has no sidewalk, and road traffic forced me to move onto the sloping grass shoulder too often, and now my ankles are killing me. I think my ankles have gotten tender because my fallen arches are forcing them to do more work. I need new shoes, shoes with stronger support. I did manage to run two miles and then ran sporadically on the route back. Your Sis spent most of Saturday doing yard work. We cleaned up and returned to the furniture store to buy a loveseat. We were ridiculously organized. We measured the alcove space at home, tested each loveseat, and measured it. When we returned Saturday, we found our top picks and narrowed them down to one winner. It's supposed to arrive in a week. If we tip the delivery guys, they might take the old couch away. If not, we'll give it to a local charity. I've had that couch a long time (it originally belonged to the crazy neighbor lady who emailed me two months back). We then bought the beloved crackuccino at Starbucks. We attended a birthday party of a gal who recently moved out of Mayberry.

On Sunday, I got up to redo your drawing. Seems I made the unthinking mistake of inking the face last, and I ruined it. I didn't have a tight enough rendering, and the inking changed the features drastcially. I scanned the pencil drawing, printed it with stronger contrast, traced the face to a new board, traced the body from the previous inked version, and inked the new drawing. It didn't take very long, but this time I did the face first. If it didn't look right, there was no need to finish inking the piece. Your Sis said it looks like you this time, and the piece should be finished by week's end. Then I can tackle her drawing. I like to listen to DVD commentary trakcs while I draw, and I got though most of Red Dragon yesterday morning.

We ran by Lowe's to look at outdoor lights, and ran into the head of the local college theatre. We talked to him in the summer about doing theatre work, and not only did he tell us yesterday they were already three weeks into the production I hoped to audition for, he said the audition notice ran in the paper. I have no reason to think the man is lying, but we read the paper front to back and specificaly looked for that notice. Neither of us saw it. I'm disappointed, but if I was doing that, I wouldn't be able to run. An Asheville company is doing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in the winter, and I might audition for that.

Your Sis worked on the yard some more, and that night we indulged in French Onion soup and cheese bread. Fall has changed my appetites, and I crave the soup.

Moving Picture of the Day

The history of the Middle East in 90 seconds

In the News
When the congressman chairing the House caucus on missing and exploited children resigns when it's revealed that he had sex chats with underage House pages, and it's discovered that some fellow Republicans knew about this almost a year earlier and did nothing, that sounds like a Very Bad Thing. The Speaker of the House changed his version of events since the Friday resignation; he initially claimed he wasn't notified. According to Roll Call, the page committee Republicans investigated Foley without telling the Democrats who serve on the board.

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