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Sunday, September 24

A Bad Run

The Saturday visit to the gym was a disaster. Not only did I not get the good treadmill and tried to run on the sinking-sand models, but I again developed a rib pain. This has emerged during the last three runs, and I'm not sure if I should blame a lack of decent stretching or a trend in bad form. I had to give up after just a mile and a half. To see if the treadmill was the trouble, I decided to run out the door and down the street. And I did. And I encountered a headwind not unlike El Nino. I got maybe half a mile and had to again stop. I was in pain. Not the legs. They're fine. But my rib was a spearpoint. I'm afraid I'm nowhere near thin enough to try this run despite dropping some weight over the summer. I do have a month to get ready for the 5k though, and some stricter regimens can make it happen. I took my race application to the Chamber of Commerce and was told by the ancient Saturday worker that she had no clue what I was doing there. I had to tell her about the race and that the application behooves all of us to bring the paperwork to that office. I had her give me a receipt so I can prove that I did register when I shop up at 11:30 p.m. for the race.

Later that day, we went shopping for loveseats. The couch in the TV room needs to be replaced; I've had it since the first marriage, and it takes up too much walking room. We found a store near the airport and measured and sat and picked our top five. We drove to Asheville after and ate at The Noodle Shop. It was fantastic as always, and Your Sis plied me with warm sake. I apparently lost my appetite for liquor the same time I developed lactose intolerance and an allergy to peanut butter. It gave me the crunchy cheeks, where my muscles constrict right under my eyes. I hate that. We walked to Old Europe and found it's no longer there but has been replaced by a bistro serving exactly the same fare. We were told Old Europe had move a few blocks over, and now there are two downtown cafes serving coffee and desserts.

And now football ...
NFC: Detroit Lions (0-3) /Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)
AFC: Oakland Raiders (0-2) /New England Patriots (2-1) /New York Jets (2-1)


NFC: Carolina Panthers (1-2) /Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)
AFC: Miami Dolphins (1-2) /Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2)

Parity seems to have crept into the league to such an extent that good teams (on paper) are 1-2, and historically bad teams like Cincinnati and Baltimore are 3-0. The Panthers should be 2-1 but ran a bad play last week to lose the game. Atlanta's 2-0 Falcons take on the Saints in New Orleans tonight in what should be an emotional night and a very good game. This is the first game in the SuperDome since Katrina.

Sketch of the Day
Remember this? I've started inking the drawings, and here's what I got so far.
I have to decide how much of the sleeves to darken or if I just draw the lines of the folds.

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