Letters to Holly

Thursday, September 21

Nothing Says 'Anniversary' Like Tacos

I just had the yen for tacos and cooked them last night. I found a taco seasoning pack in the grocery store, read the ingredients, ignored the chemicals, and recreated it in the kitchen. I last made Mesxican food ... hm, maybe last year. It was a full spread of vague food wraps that I named ' fajitarritos.' Your Sister passed on salsa verde which isn't like her at all. She's past the cold but is now socked by allergies. Speaking of cold, it suddenly is. We had random frost last night and fall has fallen quickly. I'm ready for it. I look forward to wearing layers and driving on leaf-strewn streets. We caught a little bit of a junior varity game, but hunger and the cold drove us inside.

Moving Picture of the Day

The trailer for 300, an adaptation of Frank Miller's account of the Battle of Thermopylae. It looks JUST like the comic in the way Sin City mirrored the print version. It's a cold, macho story built on honor and military discipline. And gallons of blood. I look forward to seeing the film mainly because it employs so much of the green-screen CGI technique used in Sin City. Whereas Lucas employed the virtual studio to provide backgrounds, the new breed seem to use it for something akin to animation, tweaking physics to punch up action scenes. The majority of the trailer music is from Nine Inch Nails, so it gets a grinning thumbs up from me.

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