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Wednesday, September 27

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Your Parents returned to the States yesterday. Mr. Dad came to the office to say hi and drop off some thank-you gifts from Mrs. Mom: a nice t-shirt and some fossilized dino rocks. I called Your Mom, and we talked running for a bit. She's been in the Halloween race herself a few times. After work, I surprised myself by running two miles on the treadmill; I only wanted to go one mile initially, but I got into a groove and ran at a quicker pace then normal. Then I hit some machines. I feel good today. No soreness anywhere. I might run tonight on the road, but I'm tempted to let my body recover. Also, we should drop by Kathy and Travis's house to see the baby again and give them some conversation.

We watched the TiFauxed Monday episode of "Studio 60" last night, and for a one-hour show, it seems to last only 15 minutes. I am digging this new series something awful. Yes, Whitford seems to branch away from his Josh character, and the show expanded its ensemble to include the fake-show cast. Also, they did manage to present a fake-show skit that was genuinely funny. Your Sis and I are of like minds: We want to see a whole episode of the fake show. In what appeared to be a counter to any argument that "Studio 60" is anti-Christian, the fake-show cast conducted a throughly Protestant pre-show prayer, complete with a nice comment that Christ had to be sometimes funny to garner so much attention. You don't see a prayer on network shows unless a funeral is involved, and this was certainly a positive presentation of such.

Picture of the Day
Pardon me for geeking out a little here, but this is a SWANK photo of the Dumbeldore Army from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

In the News
After much ballyhoo, the White House decided to release some of the intelligence report claiming Iraq has made terrorism a greater threat than before we invaded. You can read what's been released here. Democrats petitioned yesterday to declassify the whole thing, but the White House security advisor argues that declassification is too difficult. Horseshit. The Wilson/Plame debacle lead to the revelation that Bush signed an executive order concerning declassification, and all one has to do to release secret material to the public is to simply have Bush or Cheney hand it over to somebody.

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French doctors will attempt the first zero-gravity operation aboard a specially designed aircraft.

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